Friday, April 22, 2011

Vichy Essentielles Gift Set - Hickey's Pharmacy Bargain!

I just thought I would let you all know that for the Easter weekend this Vichy Essentielles Gift Set is €20 in Hickey's Pharmacy. They are located (the ones I visit anyway) at the Spire end of Henry Street and on O'Connell Street beside the Bridge. I am not sure where else they are located but it should say on the website. I am not too sure if this bargain is in all the Hickey's shops but I got mine in the Henry Street Hickey's.

The set contains: 
Vichy Essentielles Facial Cream 50 ml
Vichy Essentielles Softening Shower 200 ml
Vichy Essentielles Body Cream-Milk 200 ml
Vichy Essentielles Foaming Facial Cleanser 100 ml 

I estimate that the saving is near on €6. Which in all fairness is a pretty good saving also the products just smell AMAZING!!! I had the face cream before and loved it I cannot wait to try out the rest of the products! 


ArtDonatella said...

Oh Hickeys are the best! Quickly followed by McCabes of course!

Thanks for your kind wishes on my giveaway post :)xo

Anonymous said...

Haven't seen this kit here! Looks good. :-)

Karen said...

never tried any of vichy's stuff,must have a goo next time i see them :)

cornflakegirl said...

Like ArtDonatella, I love Hickeys. They're always good for a bargain as are McCabes.

I'm looking forward to hearing how you get on with the products, esp the Shower Cream.

Aphrosie said...

I will defo let you know how I get on with them once I have made a decision on the products. :)

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