Friday, April 29, 2011

Get Naked - Debenhams

I just wanted to let you all know in case you are looking for the Urban Decay Naked palette that they have them in Debenhams on Henry Street in Dublin today but they only have a handful of them left and they are priced at €36.

Picture from

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Zen Flower Sensitive Masque - Montagne Jeunesse

I, like many, love to treat myself to a good auld pampering every week or so and this face mask is an absolute necessity for those days. I wont know when I have time so I need to always have to have this on hand.

I can't remember how much it costs off hand but I am pretty sure it costs less than €2.50 in Penny's/ Primark.

It is a two step mask.

The first step is the usual, wet face, apply mask, leave for ten minutes and gently wash off with warm water. (This is difficult because it is so thick and creamy so I use a cloth as well)

Then the second step is a serum.

This two step procedure makes my dry skin feel firmer and very hydrated. It smells a bit like Aloe Vera I guess. ( I am terrible at describing scents!!) Suffice to say that when I have none left I panic and have to run to Penny's to stock up. It is my absolute favourite and I have tried a whole load of different ones.

Gift from my Mammy - Gorgeous Notebook!

Ok so I know I have deviated from the beauty world for my last few posts but how pretty is that notebook? She got it in Tk Maxx and because it was a gift I have no idea how much it cost but I just love the jewel clasp on it and had to show you guys. :)

I am so behind the times on the Tk Maxx love because the one in Dublin is so very hard to find anything in but I am starting to find a great appreciation for it. 

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Tag - Ten Things I Love.

Ok, so I wasn't tagged to do this but I don't actually care whether I was tagged and after reading Cornflakegirl's one I just couldn't help myself. I love reading these tags so I am just going to do it! 

Obviously I am excluding my friends and family because they are not things! 

One: Grey's Anatomy

I was late to the Grey's Anatomy fan club but I absolutely adore it. My favourite character is Callie. I have been told that I remind people of her which to me is the best compliment EVER because I think she is amazing and very pretty. 

I mean come on. That lady is just smoking. If I looked a teeny bit like her I would be very happy. 

Two: Music

I cannot get through a day without my music. I mean when I get up I need music and if I am alone I need music to fall asleep. I tend to go for female artists for some reason.

My Favourite Artists are in no particular order: 

  • Tori Amos
  • Rumer
  • Adele
  • Tegan and Sara
  • Ani DiFranco
  • Taylor Swift
  • Regina Spektor
  • Melody Gardot
I just can't get by without those ladies in my life.

Tori Amos in the Iveagh Gardens last summer.

Three: My New Bag

I am pretty sure it has to be a knock off but I am absolutely in love.

Four: Painting

I am not very good at it but I love it so much. It relaxes me and makes me happy and that's all that is important. 

Here is one of my paintings: 

Five: Musicals

From "Little Shop of Horrors" to "My Fair Lady" to "Chicago" to "The Phantom of the Opera" nothing makes me happier than a good musical. I much prefer to see these things live in the theatre but I also own over 80 Musicals on DVD. 

This is one of my favourites and quite fitting for now. 

Six: Lists/Notebooks

Nothing makes me feel more in control than a good list. Being organised helps me think clearly and so happier. I am on the hunt for a nice ruled, scented note book. If anyone knows of where I can get one PLEASE let me know! The prettier and girlier the better. This is my current one: 

Seven: Romance/Hugs

What girl doesn't enjoy being wooed? I love being special to someone, being enveloped in someones arms and being important. I am a very tactile person and I really miss being held. So I guess you could say this is more about hugs and physical touch than about romance. I also adore love story films. I am a sucker for chick flicks. This is from one of my favourites "Imagine Me and You"

Eight: My Dogs

Ok, so they are my families and they live in Meath and not with me in Dublin but I adore them. 

This is Yah-Yah:

And this is Ziggy:

Nine: Audrey Hepburn

I have no idea why but I am completely fascinated with her. I love Breakfast at Tiffany's and pretty much anything she is in. I wanna be like her someday.  (Wishful thinking) 

Ten: Collecting Memories

I am terrible for keeping ticket stubs, cards, receipts, train tickets and all sorts of crazy stuff that would mean nothing to anyone else. I am a sentimental at heart! Here is the box I keep these memories in. 

It is from Tk Maxx I got it the other day and it cost me €12.99.

I am not going to tag anyone but I love reading them so if you made it this far through this post and haven't done this tag yet please do and if you want to leave a link to your post below fire away, in case I have missed it. 

Isa Dora - Express Blusher Stick - Shade 44

So I picked this up in the bargain basket in my local chemist. I paid, I think €3 for it.

The colour is rather bronze to use as a blusher for my skin tone (Shade no 44 - PearlyCongnac) but I don't actually use it as a blush because of the shade I use it as a contour colour. I put a light strip in the hollows of my cheek and blend it out. I like that it is creamy and easily blendable. I actually use this under my MAC Mineralise Skin Finish. It really gives it a bit of a deeper glow and sheen. 

It looks pinker in this photo than it does in reality but I just waned to post it so you could see how it worked. The swatches coming up are much more true to colour. 

This is the shade unblended.

And here it is blended in. Apologies for the photos I still haven't gotten my camera fixed. 

For the €3 or so I paid for this I am wearing it every day for the last two weeks. I am kinda in love with it and I will definitely be checking out more of this range and and the blusher sticks and especially the Glow Stick Blusher! (If I can find it anywhere.)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival 2nd - 15th May

Ok, so I know this blog is mostly about beauty but this is an Event that is very close to my heart and I just thought maybe some of you might be interested in heading to some of the amazing plays on offer.
If it's not your bag then that's absolutely cool but I just want to give you the heads up because sometimes there is amazing stuff going on and people don't hear about it.

This is my fourth year volunteering for this festival and I must say I always find it very enjoyable. Here is the link for their website and online booking.

Also this post will help to explain why I wont be posting for two weeks, because I will be almost living in a theatre for that time.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Vichy Essentielles Gift Set - Hickey's Pharmacy Bargain!

I just thought I would let you all know that for the Easter weekend this Vichy Essentielles Gift Set is €20 in Hickey's Pharmacy. They are located (the ones I visit anyway) at the Spire end of Henry Street and on O'Connell Street beside the Bridge. I am not sure where else they are located but it should say on the website. I am not too sure if this bargain is in all the Hickey's shops but I got mine in the Henry Street Hickey's.

The set contains: 
Vichy Essentielles Facial Cream 50 ml
Vichy Essentielles Softening Shower 200 ml
Vichy Essentielles Body Cream-Milk 200 ml
Vichy Essentielles Foaming Facial Cleanser 100 ml 

I estimate that the saving is near on €6. Which in all fairness is a pretty good saving also the products just smell AMAZING!!! I had the face cream before and loved it I cannot wait to try out the rest of the products! 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Oh What a Beautiful Day!

I just wanted to share some photos from my family home in Meath. It is such a gorgeous day I couldn't help myself. :D

They are only taken with my phone but god I love the country sometimes.

Get out in that day if you can guys!


Catrice Eyebrow Set

I had to go to the Chemist to get a Pill box and I picked this up to see what it is like. I know I am only thirty and I am in need of a pillbox, Grrrrr!!!! Anyway I picked it up because the darker colour seemed to be quite a nice shade for me. 

I mean the lighter colour is definitely not useful for my eyebrows as I am black haired but I may use it for something else. 

Here are the swatches: 

This kit comes with a tiny tweezers and double ended comb and brush. The only problem I have with this set is that the brush is squashed into the case and so is all out of shape and pretty useless. I may actually cut the bristles off it so it all fits into the set easier.

(You can't really see it but it is useless)

Other than that I kinda like this product more than I thought I would. I am always on the hunt for the right shade for my eyebrows but to be honest I am no 100% convinced that I have found it but for under €5 I am impressed for the moment. 

Also apologies for being a bit of a disjointed blogger recently. I promise to try to step it up a notch.

Please could you give me your advice?

I have a few questions for you knowledgeable people.

I am running out of my benefit "HONEY Snap Out of It scrub". I got it last August for my birthday, I absolutely ADORE it and because I only use it once a week I am only just coming to the end of it now. It is the most amazing scrub I have ever used but the price is way too much for me to afford to replace at the moment. I was wondering do you guys know of any scrubs that are cheaper but still give that satisfying scrub feeling. It has those hard granules in it, that's why I only use it once a week but I could do with a dupe. I also adore the honey scent of this.

Myself and my mate bought this Highlighter from No7 two Christmases ago. In fact, we bought THREE of them because we loved them so much. Over the years some of our nearest and dearest have fallen in love with this and we have ended up giving them away and are only left with one between the two of us. I was wondering did any of you try this and if so have you found anything to match it? No7 brought out a highlighter last Christmas but it was nowhere near as lovely. 

Have any of you tried these products? Any ideas for dupes?

Monday, April 18, 2011

5 Things To Pick Me Up

I am going through a bit of a rough time right now and I am taking comfort and finding confidence where I can and I thought I would share with you the things that are helping me along.

1. Red Lipstick:

Right now the one I am loving is Rimmel Colour Show Off Lipstick in Be Bold.

I love the shade of this lipstick but I have to say is you absolutely need to like the smell of cucumber (which is what it smells like to me) as the scent of this lipstick has been turning me off it but the shade is just too pretty to not wear. So I guess I will bear the cucumber scent.

Here is a swatch:

2. Black Eyeliner:

I don't know why but the smokey look is really making me happy recently. I am not going to knock anything that can make me smile. I am even putting it in my upper waterline!! I might actually post up an eye of the day next time and show you my smokey eye, that is if you are interested.


3. Red nails: 

So I haven't actually got my nails painted at the moment but once I get home this is the colour I am going to paint them because it makes me feel happy. (What is it about Red that makes me feel good?) 

4. A Face and Hair Mask day: 

There is nothing that makes me feel good better than actually taking care of myself so a good pampering session is a must. 

I used a mask I got in Pennys/Primark for very little cash and an Umberto Giannini Hair Mask for curly hair. Which I picked up in Boots as the Umberto Giannini products are 2 for €10, which isn't a bad price. I will review them soon. 

5. My Two Favourite Men: 

If I find any more I will post about them and if you have any suggestions please let me know I am off to watch Serendipity!! 


Monday, April 11, 2011

My Emergency Night Out Make Up Bag (Picture Heavy)

These things I just cannot leave the house for a night out on the town without. I don't know if anyone is actually interested in seeing them but I have seen loads of "what is in my bag" posts so I said why the hell not! 

My bag is a freebie Clinique make up bag. It's pretty tiny but it fits everything I need. 

Just had to show it to you cause it is so freaking cute but here is what I usually keep in it.

I always have to have my MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural and a blush with me. This is the perfect opportunity to introduce you to my new favourite blush.

Yes!! I went to MAC on the first day of the Quite Cute collection and picked up this blush. Giggly is beautiful and apart from the Candy Yum Yum lipstick was the only thing I really wanted from this collection. 

Also, I want to introduce you to my favourite liquid eye liner at the moment. I have terribly weepy eyes, so I need a good waterproof one and this is the one I use. I am pretty sure it is under €4 too, which is a bargain!

I always carry a black eye shadow, angled brush and my Urban Decay 24/7 Liner in Zero for top ups to the water line and eyebrows. This black eye shadow is Rimmel Colour Rush Eye Shadow in Jet Black. 

I also carry wipes, a tiny bottle of Lancome's Bi-Facil and cotton buds and pads, well a girl never knows when she may need them. 


Eyelash glue is also an essential and usually there is tweezers too but for some reason I forgot them that night, It's grand, I didn't need them anyway. 

Also hair grips!!! You never know what state your hair is going to be in the next day or after a lot of dancing so I make sure I have these so I can control it somewhat. 

Then of course my lipstick and lip Primer which is Mac Prep and Prime lip. Which is fast becoming a necessity and my lipstick which this night was MAC Viva Glam IV and Lancome l'Absolu Nu in 103.

Anything you couldn't live without? Am I missing anything that I absolutely should have with me?

p.s. I just want to apologise for the photos. I am taking them with my iphone. My poor camera is a bit sick and I don't know where to take it to be fixed. Does anyone know of anywhere reliable in Dublin that repairs cameras?

Friday, April 8, 2011

Rimmel Flash Eyeliner Review

I was very excited to try this product when I got it in my goodie bag at the Rimmel Masterclass in AWear. I swatched it on the back of my hand and to be honest it looked grand but when I tried to remove it it seemed to stain my hand. That left a bad taste in my mouth to start with. 

Then I tried it on my eyes and while the applicator is lovely (a pen style foam tip applicator) the product itself leaves a lot to be desired.It was watery and sheer. It applied patchy and horribly. Only I was on my way out the door when I was trying it I would have started my eye make up from scratch. As it was I applied my usual liquid eyeliner on top as I was in a rush. (bad idea I know but I had no other choice.

All in all I would have felt hard done by had I bought this product and I definitely will not purchase it unless they reformulate it. 

How do you find this product?