Saturday, April 23, 2011

International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival 2nd - 15th May

Ok, so I know this blog is mostly about beauty but this is an Event that is very close to my heart and I just thought maybe some of you might be interested in heading to some of the amazing plays on offer.
If it's not your bag then that's absolutely cool but I just want to give you the heads up because sometimes there is amazing stuff going on and people don't hear about it.

This is my fourth year volunteering for this festival and I must say I always find it very enjoyable. Here is the link for their website and online booking.

Also this post will help to explain why I wont be posting for two weeks, because I will be almost living in a theatre for that time.


cornflakegirl said...

Oh I'd love to see some of the stuff this year, I'm off for a look round their site.

Hope you have a great time volunteering.

Aphrosie said...

Deadly hon! I really want to see "An actress perpares! but I am not sure if I will be able to get out of my venue for an evening to see it!

beauty,life and things I like said...

Best of Luck with it - hope you enjoy yourself :)

Aphrosie said...

Cheers honey! :D