Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Please could you give me your advice?

I have a few questions for you knowledgeable people.

I am running out of my benefit "HONEY Snap Out of It scrub". I got it last August for my birthday, I absolutely ADORE it and because I only use it once a week I am only just coming to the end of it now. It is the most amazing scrub I have ever used but the price is way too much for me to afford to replace at the moment. I was wondering do you guys know of any scrubs that are cheaper but still give that satisfying scrub feeling. It has those hard granules in it, that's why I only use it once a week but I could do with a dupe. I also adore the honey scent of this.

Myself and my mate bought this Highlighter from No7 two Christmases ago. In fact, we bought THREE of them because we loved them so much. Over the years some of our nearest and dearest have fallen in love with this and we have ended up giving them away and are only left with one between the two of us. I was wondering did any of you try this and if so have you found anything to match it? No7 brought out a highlighter last Christmas but it was nowhere near as lovely. 

Have any of you tried these products? Any ideas for dupes?


xxShivvyxx said...

Superdrug has a scrub in their Vitamin E range which is quite good and also has really hard granules in it! I'm not entirely a fan of the smell but it's worth a shot as it's so cheap! xxShivvyxx

Aphrosie said...

Oh cool, what does it smell like?

ArtDonatella said...

I haven't tried the Benefit scrub, so I can't compare, but I'm always using St. Ives scrubs, and they are just fab!!!

Aphrosie said...

Oh I have heard great things about the Apricot one. I may have to try that one. cheers chick! :)