Friday, March 25, 2011

No7 Stay Perfect Smoothing & Brightening Eye Base

I am going to disagree with the masses, at the risk of being given out to, but Urban Decay Primer Potion doesn't agree with my eyes and, to be honest, it makes my eyes weepy and causes creasing quicker as a result.  I have VERY weepy eyes anyway but this just seems to make it 10 times worse.

As I age I find my shadow creases a lot quicker as well which is just depressing! I discovered this product by Boots brand No7 when I got a voucher for €7.50 off any No7 products. 

Being honest I have read a LOT of negative reviews of this product but I am here to add my voice to the chorus of "We love it".

Ok so the packaging is kinda crap and the applicator is pure shite (I use my finger to apply) but the actual product itself works very well for me. The trick with this product is not to put on too much. I mean anything is going to be greasy and crease if you shovel it on. Be VERY sparing with this product!

Because of the pigment in this the product helps to hide veins and dark spots as well as being a lovely base to pack your eye shadows onto. It helps intensify the colour and in my experience it helps prevent the shadows creasing. 

This is by far my most favourite eye primer I have ever tried

Have you tried this product? Do you have any other recommendations for primers apart from the Urban Decay ones?


SweetLikeJelly said...

I bought this last weekend and haven't been loving it because of greasiness and creasing as you mentioned. I'm going to take your advice and be more sparing with it and see how that goes! Hopefully that will make me love it because I know I have liked this in the past!

Aphrosie said...

Do try that and let me know how you get on honey.