Friday, March 25, 2011

Mini Pennys/Primark Haul

I know it's a random lot but that's how my trips to Pennys are. I usually come out with the most random things. 

So yeah the hat? What was I thinking?  

I was thinking that there is always a hat party or a costume party at some point and if I didn't pick it up at €4 then I would regret it. I know I will wear it at some point and I just think it is amazing.

I mean just look at it! It's a bit Cheryl Cole last year I know but I still love it! 

Not one but TWO pairs of sunglasses am I losing the plot completely? Probably but let me justify it to you... 

The first pair was only €1.50 and they will be the ones I fire in my bag just in case the day gets sunny. I know a lot of England has weather like ours here in Dublin and because of that you just don't know whether to pack sunglasses and lotion or an umbrella and wellies so these can be my "If I lose them I won't cry glasses".

Then I saw these ones with a gorgeous sparkly bow on the corner and I thought they would be lovely when I am going somewhere fancy and at €3 I couldn't but give them a good home. 

I had been looking for a nice blue Nail Varnish for the Spring and had had my eye on a few online but when I saw this one for €2.50 I couldn't resist. Here is a photo of it and one of it on my nails. It says that it is UV reactive but I have yet to be in a UV light to see for myself.  It looks a little more turquoise in real life.

Excuse the state of my nails by the way! 

All in all a good days shopping. :) 


lisa said...

Love the nail varnish colour!

You just can't go wrong with a bit of Primark can ya? you should check out - the stuff is very similar in price and the styles are excellent. ...

G A B Y said...

The nail polish looks pretty and very summery x

Aphrosie said...

For €2.50 it is gorgeous!