Saturday, February 26, 2011

Benefit Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow/Liner - RSVP and Skinny Jeans

I had heard a lot about these eye shadows especially from MissGlamorazzi on youtube and when I stopped by Brown Thomas last week I couldn't resist playing with them. I did a swatch on my hand of both and then went away for a walk around the other counters to see how they set. 

Invariably I just HAD to go back and pick up one. I picked up Skinny Jeans that day: 

It may look a bit silvery in that picture but in reality it is a very hard colour to describe. I guess it is a brown based, olive, bronze colour. I know that doesn't really compute and it's why I felt I had to go and see it in the shop. 

The consistency is a creamy texture but there is a lot of product in the jar AND it dries to a soft, gentle powder texture. I have used this a lot since I got it and it is absolutely AMAZING. I use it under some of my Urban Decay and Glamour Doll Eyes eye shadows. (especially under greens and browns it is beautiful) 

It provides a perfect base for blending. I will say it does set quite quickly so if you are trying to press loose powder into these you need to work very fast. I have used this colour on it's own as well and it is beautiful on my brown eyes. 

Then last week I was having a terrible day and needed a pick me up so I trotted into Debenhams for a look and came out with another one RSVP.

As you can see RSVP is a lovely champagne colour. It has a lovely sheen to it as well, which I love. I use this under any of my colours and I would absolutely recommend this as a primer or as a beautiful brow highlight. 

Nothing is creaseless right?
Shockingly I haven't had any creasing with these and I was very sceptical about them because I have the worst eye lids for creasing but nope no creasing. 

Benefit describe these as shadows and liners. I have to admit I haven't tried them as liners as of yet but I do plan to try out the Skinny Jeans one when I get a chance. 

There are some application recommendations here on the Benefit Site

Also I would recommend storing these upside down as that will stop them drying out as much as if they were upright.

All in all, even though they are expensive here in Ireland, (€22) I would recommend them if you have the extra few bob because they are beautiful and do "What they say on the tin". 


Aly said...

I love love love these, aren't they great!

Aphrosie said...

They are amazing! I only have them a wee while and I don't know how I got on without them. :)

Ashley Borysewich said...

So cute! LOVE your blog! I subscribed, and I can't wait to read more of your posts!

Check mine out if you get a chance :)

Terri said...

i just ordered sippin n dippin cant wait to use it