Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Lancome Genifique Nutrics Moisturiser - Review

I feel like I have been searching for the right moisturiser all my life... anyone else feel like that? It's like dating, you meet are instantaneously attracted to each other, fool around, spend loads of time together and then all of a sudden it's not right for you any more and you couldn't be bothered and are having fights left right and centre..

Well that's my feeling on moisturisers and it's why I am such a failure at my skin care regime - at least that's what I tell myself but then I was one of those lucky teenagers that never got acne or spots so never really had to worry about my skin all that much.

With the big 30 a distant piss up I wanted to start this year taking care of my skin so I popped into Brown Thomas, Grafton Street for a look with my Mam. I am going to explain in the next paragraph about my skin feel free to skip it.

(Background bit) 
I had thyroid problems for most of my life and had a total thyroid-ectomy almost two years ago. Which I am very happy about, and am much healthier since, but it means that I don't really know what type of skin my skin is, if you get me.  For years I had horrible rashes on my legs and my skin on my face would get really dry for no reason, just out of the blue I would go a bit scaley. Not pretty at all but yeah, that's why even though I am 30 I still don't really know a lot about my skin. I also had eye disease so my eyes are very sensitive to products.

So I stumbled into the Lancome section because, being honest, I knew my Sister-in-law uses the Genifique range and I thought, well at least I know it doesn't burn your face off. The lady at the Lancome counter was very lovely and didn't even blink an eyelid when I knocked over a whole display of testers. So I explained to her my predicament with moisturisers and she pointed me in the direction of the Lancome Genifique Nutrics Moisturiser. 

She also gave me two little sample sizes of the product to try out before I opened the product so that I could be sure that it would not cause irritation. Hard as it was I did not open the pretty Lancome box for over a week as she told me to do.

I have to say I found this cream rich, creamy, luxurious and it has a pleasant enough scent. I started to use it religiously and I found that my dry skin became softer, nicer to touch and a bit more supple and I had no irritation whatsoever. It is such a treat to apply it (it makes me feel happy - sad I know) and I use it as part of my skincare regime everyday.

I would not recommend this moisturiser for younger or for oily skins, it could just make the oiliness worse but for me, for right now, this is my moisturiser that I hope proposes and I wish we live a long and happy life together so I don't have to continue my search for the perfect moisturiser.

I will be going back to try the eye creams soon. Do any of you have any recommendations for eye creams actually? Leave me a comment if you do. :)

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