Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ted Baker Glistening Body Lotion

I got this as a birthday gift from my cousin and was surprised when it had a tint to it because I thought it was just a body lotion. In fact this product is so much more!  This is basically a temporary, wash off glistening tan. I have to admit, I was a bit afraid of the shade when I pumped out the first pump because it was quite dark. I shouldn't have been so concerned, however, as this is a beautiful product. I don't think it is marketed as a tanning product but I don't understand why not because it easily could be. 

I use it when I get out of the shower and exfoliating and it gives a beautiful golden glow to the skin, as well as feeling hydrating to the skin and unlike other tan products it doesn't pose any problems in application. It literally glides on and has a pleasant scent, I mean, it's not overpowering or horrible like other tanning products. 

Now, you still have to scrub the hands once you are finished as it can leave some brown residue but nothing any worse than any other tan products. It works well on legs, arms and torso and works on all pale, medium skin tones, I unfortunately don't know how it would work on darker skin. Even if you are tanned it adds a deep golden sheen to the skin, it also has a very fine glitter to it which is what adds the glistening part but is not in the slightest bit gaudy. 

I adore this product but if you are looking for it in Boots then be careful because it has the same packaging as the "ordinary" body lotion and it is very easy to walk out with the ordinary one and this is very disappointing. (It has happened to me more than once.) 

Here is a picture of the colour it comes out of the bottle so you wont get a shock when you take it out. 

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Anonymous said...

I have this stuff and i'ts absolutly amazing! The problem is I need some more and have been trawling the internet and can't find any :(