Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Queen of... Ooh la la Shaving Gel

I had been having some allergic reaction to Veet, which I had been using for ages, so I decided to go out and try something new for hair removal. In with me to Boots in search for the holy grail, something easy but effective that wouldn't react to my very temperamental skin. 

I passed the long helves of shaving foam, because I find that messy and annoying and at the bottom I saw a lovely little bottle of shaving gel  from Queen Beauty... I immediately picked it up and smelled it, the eucalyptus scent was amazing so I decided to get it. It also has, soothing, Aloe Vera in it which is always welcome in my opinion.

When I got home I was dying to try it out and I have to say I wasn't disappointed. It's an almost clear gel which you apply to the skin before shaving and it made my shaving experience so much better. It says it has no added perfume to clog your pores, which is always welcome. I didn't nick or cut myself at all, which I am prone to doing a lot, which is why I was using Veet for so long. 

It left my skin feeling soft and smooth and smelling lovely. All in all I will be repurchasing this product before I repurchase a shaving foam. I don't remember the price off hand but it definitely wasn't mental expensive for the result and for what it is. 

Have you had any experience with this brand? I had never seen it before.

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Vanessa said...

Ooh la la is right! I've never seen it but it looks nice and has a cute bottle. I might try sounds so lovely!