Tuesday, February 1, 2011

This Evenings Dinner - Yoghurty Grilled Chicken Wholemeal Pitta Pockets

Grilled chicken breast with half a fresh green pepper a little bit of raw onion on two baby wholemeal pitta breads with a teaspoon of no fat natural yoghurt with cayenne pepper and cinnamon to moisten.

I was actually surprised how this tasted and filled me up.

So what I did was:
I sprinkled a little cayenne pepper and black pepper on the chicken breast and threw it on the grill.
Chopped half a green pepper and a wee bit of onion.
Took a teaspoon or two of fat free natural yoghurt and added a tiny sprinkling of cayenne pepper again and an even tinier amount of cinnamon and mixed it up.

(NOTE: Use a light hand with the cayenne pepper)

I  threw the pittas on the grill for a few minutes when the chicken was almost ready I would say about 20/25 minutes or so in a medium to high oven (I guess about 190 degrees)

I assembled all the ingredients into the two nicely toasted, little baby, wholemeal, pitta breads and I really enjoyed it.

If you prefer different seasonings in your yoghurt and on your chicken then go ahead. these were just the ones I fancied tonight. If you make it with a different spices or find any nice variations on this please let me know.

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