Wednesday, June 1, 2011

May Favourites

So this is my first Favourites post so go easy on me!

1. Mac Cranberry. 

I love this shade for a crease colour. It is a frost finish which means that it is shimmery but there isn't any glitter in it. It blends really nicely and I find it goes very lovely with Mac Star Violet and Urban Decay's Bordello.

2.  Umberto Giannini Filthy Curls Scrunching Jelly.

I have already written a post about if you fancy seeing what I think of it and how I use it.

3. Ted Baker Glistening Body Lotion

Again I have done a post about this. I love this for giving a healthy "glow" to the skin.

4. The Urban Decay Naked Palette. 

So I know everyone loves this but I only just got mine about three/four weeks ago and I have fallen in love with it. I have a few hates about it but I am working on a post about it and on the whole I absolutely ADORE it! 

5. Essence Liquid Eyeliner Waterproof. 

God I love this so much. With my weepy eyes this is an absolute godsend. 

6. 17 Photo Flawless Primer. 

I have stopped using this on my face and am using it as an eye primer. I kinda love it for this. 

7. MAC Viva Glam IV

I know I keep harping on about this shade but with my dark hair and eyes it just looks so gorgeous. 

Photo from here.

8.  Perlier Bouquet Di Violete - Eau De Toilette

I ADORE the smell of Violets and my very good friend brought this for me from Paris. I am going to have to go to Paris and stock up on this very soon as I am using it a LOT> 


cornflakegirl said...

Some really great stuff there. That perfume sounds divine. I never thought of using the 17 primer on my eyes but I'm loving it on my face as an alternative to my Smashbox one. Love that Essence liner too, it's a godsend during hayfever season as it stays put all day.

Mercedes said...

I always wanted to try the cranberry eyeshadow, might pi k it up!

Aphrosie said...

Oh Mercedes you absolutely should, it is beautiful!

@cornflakegirl I have never tried the smashbox primer would you say it and the 17 ones are comparable?

Anonymous said...

where do you buy the ted baker glistening body lotion-i can't find it anywhere either online or in shops?

Aphrosie said...

I get it in Boots.It is the only place I have seen it but because it looks exactly like the body lotion it can be hard to spot and goes out of stock quite quickly. Good luck finding it! :) x