Monday, June 20, 2011

MUA Lipsticks! Little £1 Gems!

While I was in London recently I picked up some more of these Make Up Academy lipsticks. I have one and I love it very much. I have included Shade 9 in this haul post. I thought the best thing about these products was that they were £1 but actually after purchasing  more of these I am even more impressed.

L - R: Shade 9, Shade 3 and Shade 13

So I went for much bolder colours this time as you can see from the picture above. I said in the last post on shade 9 that it wasn't very pigmented. That was obviously just the shade I picked up because have a look at these one swipe swatches...

L - R: Shade 9, Shade 3 and Shade 13

Too good to be true? Nope they are absolutely amazing. 

BE WARNED they do stain but I prefer lipsticks to stain because I am very hard wearing on my lips so having a bit of a stain, while a pain during application, is good for me.

And another plus: 

Shade 1

The bottom is a little tiny tub of gloss. Now when I say gloss, don't expect a thin sticky type substance. It is almost the same consistency to the lipstick and is exactly the same shade as the lipstick too.

All in all I can't praise these products enough for me. They have just released a MUA Pro Collection which I am actually dying to get my mitts on. 

(I also have Shade 13 as part of a give away that I will hopefully be posting up later this week) 


Ashley Tiernan said...

Wow i want shade 3 so much. :)

ArtDonatella said...

Oooh, beautiful! Where did you get these? Have never seen them before! xoxo

Aphrosie said...

They are a Superdrug line honey. I don't know if they are stocked here in Ireland but they have them up North. I am dying to get up North in the next few weeks to get the Pro Shadow pallets. You should definitely check them out if you get a chance.

Dee said...

I love the pink! You can get them in Superdrug here too :) X

Aphrosie said...

Dee I just found that out! I am VERY excited. I think I may have to do a trip to Tallaght or Omni! xx

Actionmags said...

Amazing value