Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Festival Make Up Bag and Necessities.

So some of you may know that I was at my very first festival the weekend just gone by and boy was it an experience. I just wanted to share with you what I brought with me in my make up bag and what I couldn't have gotten by without.

1. First and foremost is Hand Sanitiser.

I got this Carex one because it has a nice scent and if I was going to smell it for the whole weekend I needed it to be nice.

2. Waterproof Mascara.

This is the one I use all the time anyway due to my weepy eyes. It is Maybeline Falsies Waterproof

3. Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner. 

Again my usual eye liner anyway but I would suggest you bring something at least smudge proof because once it's on you don't want it to budge. The one I use is Essence Liquid Eye Liner Waterproof.

4. Small bottle of Foundation.

I wasn't going to be too fussy about what one I brought because I really couldn't afford to bring one of my good ones and lose it. This was a sample of Lancome's Teint Miracle I got ages ago and had kept in my travel box.

5. Thank God for Glamour Magazine. 

I brought all three of the samples from Glamour Magazine this month. I used the High Beam for highlighting, Bene Tint as a lip stain and Posie Tint as blush. I just couldn't have gotten through the weekend without them.

6. Collection 200 Perfecting Minerals & Victoria Jackson Terra Glow Bronzing Powder.

Not to sound horrible, or whatever, but I brought these because I wouldn't be upset if I lost or broke them and to be honest they did the  trick and I luckily managed to keep them intact.

7. L'Occitane Rose Solid Perfume.

Again not wanting to bring a big bottle of perfume I went for this little gem. I would have been very upset had I not brought this home with me as I love the smell of it. 

8. 17 Eye Shadow Trio in Smoky Quartz and MUA Shade 20 - Matt

I decided before I left on a smokey eye for the duration of the festival that I could dramatise for night time so I used the grey in the Trio as an all over colour and the MUA Shade 20 as an outer V and crease colour. I blended it out loads for daytime and put a bit more on for night. It worked out quite nicely. 

9. Vaseline.

Being out all day in the elements can make your lips very dry and this is great over Bene Tine on your lips so I would definitely recommend it. 

Now to the other things I couldn't have gotten through the weekend without: 

10: Zip Lock Bags and Black Sacks.

I packed absolutely EVERYTHING into Zip Lock bags to keep all my clothes, socks, shoes, everything dry and I used the Black Sacks/Bin liners to tie up my bedding when I left the tent. 

11. Torch and Extra Batteries.

Not having batteries in your torch in the middle of the night and needing to use the portaloo is a dangerous position to be in. 

12. Loo Roll.

I presume this is self explanatory. There is NEVER any toilet roll in portaloos. 

13. Baby Wipes.

For cleaning EVERYTHING!

14. Sunscreen.

Getting burnt and sleeping on the ground is not a fun experience. 

15. Dry Shampoo.

I have to say I actually hate the idea of this stuff but I had no choice over the weekend and it was grand. I used the Batiste one for dark hair. 

16: Rain Jacket, Rain Trousers and Wellies.

It Doesn't mater if it is forecast to be sunny all weekend. You will need your wellies to be able to actually let go and enjoy the festival. If you are concerned about your shoes you are not going to have fun. 

17. Painkillers & Medication you need... Maybe Antihistamines if you are prone to insect bites.

Lack of sleep and eating at all odd hours of the day and night and serious loudness all can give you headaches and such so pain killers of any type are important. 

18. Loads of thick, warm socks. 

I had WAY too many with me but it would have been horrible for all my socks to be wet. So bring loads of socks. 

19.  Hat and Sunglasses.

Keep that sun away from your make up and delicate skin! 

20. Sleeping bag, Fleece Blanket, Cushion or as much bedding as you can strap to your rucksack. 

In Ireland in June at 4 in the morning it is REALLY cold. I had to cover my head with a blanket to even dream of getting any sleep. So bring as much as you can. If you are driving and think about extra bedding, bring it, just in case. 

21. Hair Bobbins, hair grips and a comb. 

That's about all you are going to be bothered with. 

22. A padlock.

I am so glad I brought this because when I came back to my tent I knew for sure that no one had been in it. It wasn't to make sure no one steals anything but more for my own peace of mind. 

23. A hand Towel, swim suit and flip flops.

You never know if you will manage to get some sort of shower. A girl can dream. 

24. Deodorant.

I have said something about everything else but I wont insult your intelligence by explaining this.

25.  Your Sense of humour and fun. 

These things are notoriously crazy, weird, random and fun. It is likely something wont go your way. Relax and smile and shrug it off because you are there for fun and not to be stressing about the small things. 

This is what I wore for the majority of the festival. It is a dungaree dress from Penny's that I got for €19. 

Whatever you do DO NOT be the person who turns up WITHOUT a TENT or SLEEPING BAG! 

Happy Festival Season guys and let me know if you are going to any or if I have left anything off my list. 



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Great list!

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This really made me laugh! I opted out of the festivalling this year because I am STILL traumatized by Leeds festival 2007!
However, I am going to follow your blog just in case I change my mind about going this year...and because I want to read more of your posts! :)
Love Tori xx

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Delighted you had such a good time at the festival.

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