Friday, August 19, 2011

I'm head over heels... with Inglot!!! (Photo and Swatch Heavy)

Yesterday the new Inglot shop in Jervis Street Dublin had a 10% off sale and demonstration with Little Kiva so myself and Cornflake Girl pottered in for a browse. Who are we kidding, my birthday money was burning a hole in my pocket and I was dying to get my hands on their Waterproof Gel Eye Liner.

I will start with my pride and joy my ten palette. It costs €55 and you can choose any colours to put in it and I decided to go for brights because I have so many browns and mauves. Some of them are a bit out there but I was dying to get my hands on some lovely reds and blues. I asked them to not put them into the palette so I could tell you what numbers they are.

Without further waffling here is my beauty.

So from Top Left they are:
Matte 367
Matte 371
Matte 322
Matte 382
Pearl 450
Bottom row from left: 
DS 504 (DS stands for Double Sparkle if, like me, you needed to know)
Matte 338
Pearl 414
Pearl 403
Matte 302

Now for the swatches: 

Top row: 

Bottom Row: 

The pigmentation in these shadows is unbelievable and they are even brighter in real life but I just am shite with a camera! 

Then I went for a Lipstick in shade 45. It is €14.

And this is how it looks on my lips. 

I then went a bit mental and got myself their Waterproof Eye Liner in 77 (Black) and their number 31T angled brush. 

This ladies is AMAZING stuff. It is completely waterproof. I put it on last night and tried taking it off with a wipe but couldn't. Got in the shower after a face mask  and a scrub and the bloody stuff was still on. The only thing I could get it all off with was Lancome's Bi-Facil. The Brush allows easy application and makes the cat eye flick very easy to do too.  The liner was €14 and the brush was €12.

Here is a pic so you can see how dark the black is and that the line can be very thin too with the brush. Look at his wee forehead. 

As we were lucky enough to be one of the first 30 people in the store at 12 we received a gorgeous little goody bag. We got all these beauties in it....

Very generous of them to say the least.

The Nail Varnish is shade 183 and the sachet is a sample of their primer.

The pot on the left of the photo is a blush in Shade 40 and it looks kinda scary but it blends out to this...

The little pot of blue is an eye shadow in shade 478. Here it is swatched beside the unblended blush.

Last but not least is the gloss they gave me which, I am not sure if you can make out, is kinda holographic. I am not a fan of glosses but this looks lovely, if a bit pale for my lips/taste.

I'm completely an Inglot convert and I am dying to get my hands on their eyeliner in a few different shades.

Are you coveting any Inglot products?


Actionmags said...

Wow you did brilliant the colours look amazing

fluff and fripperies said...

Great score on the goodies and hell yeah, I am seriously coveting all manner of Inglot loveliness!

cornflakegirl said...

Thanks for the mention hun, it was such a fun afternoon.

I'm dying to see what looks you create with that fabulous palette. Oh and the blush doesn't look as scary when blended out.

I'm raging I put the lippies back so am definitely gonna pick them up when I go in for the liner and brush.

I heart Inglot so much.

cornflakegirl said...

Oh and it's good to know what DS stands for so thanks for that.

ArtDonatella said...

You went a little wild there, didn't you? Fab products, well done :D! Look forward to reviews & looks :Dxx

Karen said...

This is making me want to try Inglot more and more now, they look amazing!

Aphrosie said...

Cheers guys. I cannot wait to get stuck into using them. @ArtDonatela It was my birthday money so it's not real spending and loads of it was in a goody bag! :)

@ everyone else I would definitely suggest a visit. It is a bit overwhelming at first but SO worth it. :)

YourBeauty said...

Reading all your Inglot post make me wanna go to the bank and make a loan to get pretty eyeshadows haha

Wow at the pigmentation.

Misseblog said...

Oh such gorgeous colours xx

Cora said...

I always pass by the Inglot shop when Im in Westfield but it just seems like there are too many colours in there to choose between! I think after reading this post I will brave the multitude of colours and definitely have a closer look!


Poppy said...

I love the lipstick!
Poppy xxx

It seems pretty obvious. said...

I love Inglot too! (To bad we don't have it in Sweden). I bought a eyeshadow-palette this summer (while I was traveling)...and I LOVE it! I need more! Have a great weekend!

Nouf said...

I love Inglot's eyeshadows and powder blushes <3 they're amazing. But I really don't like their lip and eye pencils they're too dry and not very well formulated.