Sunday, August 7, 2011

Eye Brow Threading - Elysian Brows.

My Eye Brow History: 

I am pretty sure I could count how many times anyone (including myself) has plucked or done anything to my eyebrows on my fingers and toes and still have some free. I haven't the pain threshold for waxing ANYTHING and I cannot pluck my brows myself because I just can't inflict that pain n myself. So I relied on my best friends Cecile and Anna (Hey Girls!) to do my brows every so often.

So when I won an eye brow threading session with Elysian Brows on Dawson Street from the lovely Emma at Fluff and Fripperies I was happy but petrified.

I was going to a family wedding a few weeks after so I decided to have it done before that so my brows were pretty.

The lady who did my threading was Hema and she was lovely. She took my brow history and had a look at them. She really put me at my ease and made me feel really comfortable, even though I wanted to run out of the place. (I am really terrified about eye brow pain - sap I know but hey - ho! That's how I am)

I had never really heard of threading before but basically it is twisted thread rolled over the hair that plucks it out. Basically you can steer it to take off rows of hairs at a time which makes it a faster removal than plucking.

I was so shocked! It was so quick and ok, so I can't say it was painless but it was over so fast that the pain was grand. Like ripping off a plaster. I was a little red straight after but the ladies were rally lovely and let me use the medicated foundation as I was going to meet my parents for lunch.

Will I do it again? Absolutely? I need to go again soon and Cecile and Anna are off the hook too!

Would I recommend it? Definitely! I got my sister in law a voucher for there because they were lovely and it is always nice to feel like you are being treated.

Warning: Blood shot eye shot coming up!!!

Here is a shot of my brow after threading. This is actually on the day so that little bit of swelling went down grand after a couple of hours.

Eye Brow Threading Prices @ Elysian Brows
Brow Shape and Consultation - €30
Brow Tidy/Maintenance (2/3 Weeks Growth) - €20

They offer a whole host of other treatments. Check out their website:

What do you do for your eye brows? Have you tried Threading? How did you find it?


fluff and fripperies said...

Your brows look amazing!! Such a lovely full natural-but-groomed look. Great to hear you had a positive experience. This post has reminded me to get a move on and book my next appointment...

cornflakegirl said...

Delighted you like threading, your brows look great. I normally get mine done in The Body Shop on Grafton St but it's been ages so my brows are a state. Looking forward to getting them threaded on Wednesday though.

Aphrosie said...

Ah I am definitely a convert to threading. Great experience and they didn't take the natural shape of them which is partly why I was so concerned about it. xxx

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Cécile is liking this post very very much!!! :P xxx

SíleC said...

Your brows look amazing! I've been meaning to try threading for a while - think I'll have to check out Elysian.

Misseblog said...

They look fab! xx